About Stephanie Snowe

Stephanie Snowe is the author behind the blog, "Jason. For the love of God" (www.jasonfortheloveofgod.blogspot.com) and also writes for the website Scrivel.com. In her spare time she does things like hold down a full-time job, parent her children, and pander endlessly to her dog Ginger. She also enjoys plotting elaborate revenge fantasies involving angry monkeys trapped in boxes, and preparing boxed dinners that she pretends are homemade.


We asked Stephanie what is going on her life now.  And, she replied: 

I am currently training for the Avon Walk for breast cancer in Charlotte, NC which will be held in October 2009. I'm trying to raise $10,000 to help women with breast cancer. In the process, I'm getting in shape and changing my life and will probably write a book about the entire thing. 

I started a blog to document my "journey" so to speak.  www.chickwalksforboobies.blogspot.com.

(I know. I know. The name! I'm shameless!)